Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is available to examine and address a variety of issues. These may include difficulties with attention (ADHD), ongoing learning struggles, academic delays, or help developing customized treatment plans.  Garden District Mental Health works closely with schools, parents, psychiatrists, and physicians to apply the findings and recommendations of each individualized assessment.

Possible Testing Areas

  1. Educational Evaluations

    Educational Evaluations that aid in focusing on where a child is struggling and what accommodations could benefit in the academic setting.

  2. Specific Diagnostic Assessment

    Specific diagnostic assessments to address more focused questions surrounding functioning (such as questions individuals may have about attention or ADHD).

  3. Psychodiagnostic Assessment

    Psychodiagnostic assessments to help clarify diagnosis and inform future treatment.

  4. Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations

    Autism evaluations determine diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder through direct evaluation, clinical observation, and parent interview.

Department Doctors

Rebecca Smith, Ph.D

Dr. Rebecca Smith holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University as well as an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rice University. Over the course of her clinical career she has trained at a wide range of university counseling cen

Kelly Bolger, Ph.D.

Dr. Kelly Bolger completed her doctoral work in clinical psychology at The New School for Social Research, and her clinical training at NYU/Bellevue Hospital in New York City. She has extensive clinical and research experience in the field of psychology a

Michael Major, Psy.D., M.P.

Dr. Major is a medical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the New Orleans area. He holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology and psychopharmacology. He was a professor at Loyola University from 2000 to 2006. He specializes in mood, anxie